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12_Babushka_maxi_lavender-10905 12_Babushka_maxi_lavender-10946 12_Babushka_maxi_lavender-10920 12_Babushka_maxi_lavender-10860 05_Spell_Wildflower_Maxi_Dress-5395 05_Spell_Wildflower_Maxi_Dress-5431 05_Spell_Wildflower_Maxi_Dress-5416 05_Spell_Wildflower_Maxi_Dress-5281 02_Spell_Sienna_Maxi_Dress-10004 02_Spell_Sienna_Maxi_Dress-10157 08_Spell_Sienna_Skirt-10612 08_Spell_Sienna_Skirt-10666 08_Spell_Sienna_Skirt-10609 08_Spell_Sienna_Skirt-10762 15b_Babushka_mini_lavender-11324 15b_Babushka_mini_lavender-11292 15b_Babushka_mini_lavender-11274 13_Babushka_Shirt_burnt_orange-10983 13_Babushka_Shirt_burnt_orange-1426 23_Spell_babushksa_gown_orange-6149 23_Spell_babushksa_gown_orange-6034 23_Spell_babushksa_gown_orange-5982 14_Babushka_Bells-11084 14_Babushka_Bells-11047 18_babushka_skirt-21503 18_babushka_skirt-21447 17_Wildflower_mini-21369 17_Wildflower_mini-21415 17_Wildflower_mini-21403 20_babushka_mini_orange-21964 20_babushka_mini_orange-22030 20_babushka_mini_orange-21938 21_babushka_kimono_and_shorts-22198 21_babushka_kimono_and_shorts-22211 SPELL-DAY-22950 SPL_2219 SPL_2313 10_Wildflower_kimono-5774 11_Babushka_intimates-5835 11_Babushka_intimates-5813 03_Spell_Sienna_Mini_Dress-10370 03_Spell_Sienna_Mini_Dress-10316 06_Spell_Sienna_Blouse-5545 06_Spell_Sienna_Blouse-5465 04_Spell_Wildflower_Skirt_Top_Set-5263 04_Spell_Wildflower_Skirt_Top_Set-5202 16_Babushka_strappy_dress-1509 16_Babushka_strappy_dress-1471 16_Babushka_strappy_dress-1575 16_Babushka_strappy_dress-1565 22_Spell_babushksa_blouse_turquoise-1938 18_babushka_gown_turquoise-21719 18_babushka_gown_turquoise-21905 18_babushka_gown_turquoise-21868 07_Spell_Liquid_Gold_onesie-5589 07_Spell_Liquid_Gold_onesie-1325 07_Spell_Liquid_Gold_onesie-5601


24_Spell_babushksa_mini_turquoise-22786 24_Spell_babushksa_mini_turquoise-22731 24_Spell_babushksa_mini_turquoise-22797 15_Wildflower_Overalls-11198 15_Wildflower_Overalls-11111 15_Wildflower_Overalls-11127
. W I L D F L O W E R .
spell designs spring collection

Photography/Videography Johnny Abegg  /  Muse Anja Konstantinova
Concept & styling Elizabeth Abegg & Isabella Pennefather
Hair & MUA Luciana Rose  /  Production Michaela MacDonnell | Bali Starz
Assistants Aly Turksa & Pia Herring

“We always listen to the prints. Sometimes we try to ignore them, and honestly, we could if only they didn’t whisper so darn loud…

For Wildflower, they held my face close, looked me straight in the eye and said, UBUD!!! BALI!!! So of course, off we went.

We ventured to the foothills of Bali’s cultural heart, with it’s dense jungle of tall, proud palms, rice paddies and steep ravines. The deep Jurassic green of the jungle was the perfect backdrop for the Wildflower palate; the playful amber, turquoise and lavender florals found in our Babushka print (I called it Babushka because the print reminded me of those ornate painted little Russian Babushka dolls) and all our gorgeous Sienna Whites and Panther Khaki’s… it was like this wonderful psychedelic Indiana Jones throwback, rope bridge and all!” ~ Lizzy & Spelly

As always it is such an incredible day when Spell launch their newest collection. I always look forward to seeing the beautiful, creative shoots they come up with and how this time could they top the collection before, and yet every time they seem to surprise me! I think also being very much a summer gal myself, when all the spring collections start to come out, it just brings this amazing warmth to my soul and gets me super excited knowing summer is getting closer and closer eee.

WILDFLOWER is simply one of my all time favourite collections I think… and maybe it has to do with cause there is so much beautiful purple it in hehe, but really I am just so in love with all the prints, colours ad feelings within it. I love when something really makes you feel something and looking at this beautiful collection and the happiness within each photo it just makes me so happy. I get this daydreaming feeling that I could be twirling in the dresses, frolicking on some tropical island feeling more alive than I ever have before.

Anyway I won’t keep you from appreciating this beautiful collection & shopping up all the pieces hehe. Check out the collection video below and enjoy!

shop the whole collection and view the full shoot HERE.

Love & Light,
Leana xx

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