o r a c l e || spell designs spring look book

3_OliviaDressOrange-1 3_OliviaDressOrange-6 3_OliviaDressOrange-4 3_OliviaDressOrange-5 3_OliviaDressOrange-2 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-42 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-44 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-39 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-43 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-40 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-69 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-68 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-67 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-64 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-2 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-5 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-4 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-1 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-80 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-84 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-81 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-79 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-78 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-49 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-46 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-45 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-32 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-31 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-29 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-38 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-36 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-34 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-70 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-76 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-74 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-75 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-77 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-21 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-25 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-27 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-26 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-22 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-57 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-53 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-54 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-12 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-10 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-8 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-60 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-61 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-59 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-91 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-88 ORACLE-Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective-90


. O R A C L E .
spell designs spring collection

Photographer Graham Dunn  /  Muse Luma Grothe
Styling Kelley Ash | Hair and makeup Ashlee Rose Clay  / Production Greg @ Avenue 53
Video by Ready Gypset Go | Set styling Sarah Loven
Photography Assistant Colin Levin  | Styling Assistant Willemina Freiberger 
Fine jewellery ERTH by Nicole Trunfio  /  Thanks to Soukie Modern, Palm Springs


“I had a strange and mysterious fascination with The Southern Oracle in The Never Ending Story, a huge sphinx-like statue who told us the Childlike Empress needed a new name… but childhood memories aside, I called this collection Oracle because it takes us back to our bohemian roots, back to the start but from a grown-up place.

Soft, and flowing, with delicate strands of silver lurex thread, Oracle is the dress you tried on in secret as a child, borrowed from the special part of your mums wardrobe, all grown up and beautifully exotic. Pair it back with a lazy-off-shoulder blouse with hand-stitched detailing or double it up with an elegant, simple floral in rich maple tones… It’s all so divinely bohemian-luxe.” – Spelly & Lizzy

It is such a special day when Spell releases their latest collection isn’t it?

I feel like women all over the world come together on these special days to celebrate our inner bohemian. She is that free spirit within us, she is that fiery light that guides us through our journeys, she is that wild woman who makes us strong and ready to take on the world, she is you and I.

It makes my heart fill with warmth, as I know when spring/summer collections start to launch that warm sunny days are about to grace us with their presence. I think I have always been a summer baby and I just am at my best in the warmer months hehe. I mean who couldn’t love waking up to sunshine streaming through your window and the option to just put on your favourite dress that day.

Anyway I hope you all love the release of ORACLE just as much as I have, I hope you all have a beautiful day and wonderful rest of the week!


Love & Light,
Leana xx

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