Coconut & Lime x Forever Soles || design collaboration

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. coconut & lime x forever soles .
design collaboration

photographerEllie Landford

anklet designs – Forever Soles

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It is with the utter most excitement that I present to you all…


My 5 piece design collaboration with the beautiful Forever Soles.
When Angie approached me about this last year I was beyond excited and couldn’t believe that I would get the chance to design some beautiful jewellery for all of you. I have decorated myself in jewels for years now and just loved wearing so many beautiful crystals and designs. So to put my creative aesthetic together with Forever Soles was a dream come true.

I flew up to my second home of Byron Bay and spent a day under the sun drawing, creating, being inspired and designing with Angie 5 beautiful anklet and barefoot sandals that I couldn’t be more proud of to show you all.

The collection consists of:

THE OCEAN’S SONG barefoot sandals: A crochet barefoot sandal with shells, wooden beads & silver bells.
THE OCEANIA anklets:  Ivory crochet anklets
THE FLOWER OF LIFE barefoot sandals: Purple beaded tie up strings with a flower of life silver symbol.
LUNA LIGHT barefoot sandal: Silver, crystal and shell barefoot sandals.
WANDERLOVE barefoot sandals: Leather plaited barefoot sandals with wooden beads, silver charms and tassels.

If you head over to: to check out the collection!

This is such a special collection for me, and I hope it brings lots of love and light into your day when you wear the designs! I want you to feel inspired and frolic barefoot along white sandy beaches with turquoise waters in them. They are made for you to enjoy, for you to love and for you to JUST BE in them!

Below is a special behind the scenes of our little creation coming to life…
made by the lovely Carly Frankam.

Behind the Scenes; Forever Soles meets Coconut and Lime. from Carly Frankham on Vimeo.

Lots of Love & Light,
Leana xx

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