About Me


“Right here and right now you can lay your hands on your heart,
touch the ground and behold the miracle of the senses you have been given.
You can speak kindness to another, touch and hold them close,
and fall to the ground in gratitude for the reality of
grace in it’s peaceful and wrathful forms.
Friend, open yourself and give your heart to this world.” ~ Matt Licata

Coconut & Lime is a creative, relaxing place to explore everything that inspires
me and makes me happy. I want it to be a place you can come to escape anything
that is pulling you down and just simply be.  Being taken on a journey through the calming
sense of colours that adorn, through the soft flowing words that tell a story and through photos that speak to your soul.
I want this to be… that little ray of sunshine in your day.

I have grown a lot and started to really find myself over the years since I first began my blog & Instagram.
I love to look back at my first posts and watch the journey of
self-discovery and how certain colours, signs & symbols appear over time as I go through things.
My dear mum passed away in 2013 and that had a big impact on my life and how
I went about things.  I had to start to be more independent not having my mum to rely on,
and I had to find a strength within me, my mums strength to help me push through.
I won’t lie it was a tough time but I am now stronger for having gone through it.
I also began to look for her in new ways, open myself up to things bigger than myself and
therefore I was then opened up to the magical world of crystals and more…

This gave me something to be excited about, learn about and help me to heal.
I bought my first crystal necklace~ Blue Lace Agate just 3 months after her passing,
with no idea what it meant or did, It chose me; I was completely drawn to it.
Because I then began to finally open myself up again it then opened me
up to meeting and coming across so many wonderful people who have touched my life.

I made some life long friends through my blog, being able to
connect with like-minded people around the world who truly inspire me.
It makes me so happy to be apart of their journey and it is such a
special gift for me to watch them grow over the years,
receive the success they deserve and know that I have been apart of it in some way.

So now freshly graduated from Fashion Design, the world is now my oyster…
It’s just the beginning for me and this blog symbolizes that.
I hope you enjoy following my journey as I continue to find
myself and follow this new path in life.
This year is all about me, doing what makes me happy,
reflecting, resting and living without fear… taking time to just be.

I hope you all find some inspiration here to follow your own dreams,
to take some time out for yourself and to live your life
with a smile on your face and love in your heart: to open yourself up to this world.

Love & Light, Leana xx

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